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Surgical Operations

Fractured hip, hip and knee replacements, amputation etc.  -  these days you may find yourself discharged from the hospital very quickly after an operation.  Often you are allowed home as soon as you have put your feet on the floor for the first time!  If you know you are going to have an operation, such as a hip replacement, it is a good idea to contact a Physiotherapist and arrange for a home visit before your operation.  This will enable you to get things such as a toilet seat raise,  that you will need when you get home.   The Physiotherapist will also show you the first exercises you should do after the operation whilst you are still in hospital (unfortunately not everyone is seen by a Physiotherapist during their hospital stay).  Arranging to have Physiotherapy at home for the first few days or weeks is a good idea especially if you live on your own and would have difficulty arranging transport.  It is important to begin your exercises under professional guidance as soon as possible to gain the most benefit from the operation and to prevent complications.


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