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The first few days after a stroke or Cerebrovascular accident (Ictus) are very important.  Even though movement of the affected side may be impossible it is vital to see a Physiotherapist to ensure the proper care and positioning of the limbs.  As the return of movement begins to take place a Physiotherapist will ensure that the appropriate rehabilitation exercises are started to maximise useful movement and to minimise eventual disability.  If the patient is in hospital and is not seen by a Physiotherapist please ask the Doctor if he will allow you to be treated by a properly qualified Physiotherapist of your choice.  If you have already made contact with a Physiotherapist they will help you make the necessary arrangements at home before discharge from hospital.   Having Physiotherapy treatment at home makes sense because that is where the patient has to learn to do most practical things for themselves again.  Learning to carry out practical tasks in the correct way has been shown to be more effective than doing exercises whose purpose is hard to understand.


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