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Respiratory Diseases

Including Chronic Bronchitis, Cystic Fibrosis and Emphysema - chronic respiratory diseases benefit from regular Physiotherapy.  Physiotherapy will help keep the lungs as clear of secretions as possible thus reducing the number of chest infections.  The Physiotherapist will teach you how to clear your own lungs as effectively as possible each day and how to breathe more effectively.  A gentle supervised exercise programme will also help to gradually improve your overall fitness.  As with any chronic problem the best place to learn about how to cope with it is in your own home.  A lot of it will be up to you; you must learn to have the self discipline to carry out the self-treatment that the Physiotherapist will show you.   Learning to do that at home is more effective, as an association is built up between your surroundings and your daily routine of treatment, making it as automatic a part of life as getting dressed!


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